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Data Collection and Beam Modeling Service


Licom offers an exclusive service that provides all the measurements needed for linear accelerator commissioning as well as modeling of the site treatment planning system (TPS). We are an independent physics support team, working in different radiotherapy centers throughout Germany. That’s why we have extensive clinical experience with radiation therapy procedures, including IMRT and VMAT.

With LICOM, the entire linear accelerator system is up and running in just days after installation.

On-Site Commissioning

Our physicists commission and validate your treatment planning system for clinical use, including IMRT and VMAT (RapidArc™) data. We present all data both in a calculation data book and in the format required by the clinic’s TPS. LICOM On-Site Commissioning is designed for all linac systems along with the new Varian TrueBeam 2.0 system.


LICOM Calibration is an absolute dose calibration (ADC) service to satisfy post machine acceptance needs. This service provides absolute dose calibration and a summary report of all the data collected. Of course, we will share our knowledge with your staff so they will be able to perform the yearly ADC on their own.

Portal Dosimetry Implementation

If you are Varian® customer, Portal Dosimetry allows you to compare PortalVision™ acquired dose images generated by IMRT or RapidArc® fields to portal dose images predicated by Eclipse™. With the Varian® Portal Dosimetry feature, clinicians can quickly verify that the planned dose is the dose delivered. Our service includes the full implementation of this feature. Together with your staff we will perform comparisons of test patients.


We will not leave your clinic without perfect validation of all performed measurements. We will calculate various test plans on-site and validate them in the water tank or with your own QA equipment. Even after departure, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer within one business day – of course without additional fees!


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